About the Department of Humanities

The Humanities Department at NJIT is comprised of faculty and staff who are committed to offering each student the multidisciplinary knowledge, skills and experience that provide a humanistic complement to a technical program of study. Department members are specialists in literature, philosophy, music, theatre, communication, writing assessment, English as a Second Language and new media.  The department ofers four degrees: a MS in Professional and Technical Communication (MSPTC); a BS in Science, Technology, and Society (STS); a BA and BS degrees in Communication and Media, and a BA in Theater Arts and Technology.

We collaborate extensively with the joint NJIT - Rutgers Newark Theatre Program and the Federated History Department with Rutgers-Newark, as well as NJIT's Environmental Policy Studies programs within the Department of Chemistry and Environmental Science.  We are partners with other departments throughout the university in contributing to the Environmental Studies and Sustainability minor; home to several minors of our own, and numerous double major opportunities.  Through our Writing Center, we provide writing and oral presentation skills assistance to the entire university community.

We look forward to working with all students - through courses, guided research and advisement - to foster a sense of open-mindedness that is crucial to comprehensive education and societal development, particularly appropriate to the complex world of the twenty-first century.