Undergraduates whose first language is not English and/or whose English proficiency is limited are required to take a special examination in English and enroll for the appropriate course in their first semester. Placement in the appropriate course (ENG 095 or the sequence HUM 099-SL & 100-SL) is based on performance in the examination. Tutoring is a required part of these courses. Students will not be permitted to enroll in cultural history courses until they have achieved satisfactory grades in HUM 099-SL & 100-SL (and ENG 095 if required).

The ESL Program also offers ESL sections of a number of courses in the Humanities Department. These sections carry full academic credit and are designed to help students strengthen their English language proficiency while also mastering course content. Enrollment in ESL sections of these courses is optional.

ESL sections include

  • HUM 211-SL
  • HUM 212-SL
  • ENG 340-SL
  • ENG 352-SL
  • LIT 320-SL
  • LIT 350-SL 
  • STS 350-SL

Application forms for students applying for undergraduate and graduate studies can be found at