Graduate Courses

HUM 502 English for International Students II (3 credits)                                              

Practice in writing: strengthens sentence structure, grammar, vocabulary, and organization.
Level: High Intermediate

HUM 503 Advanced English for International Teaching Assistants (3 credits)

Practice in public speaking for international Teaching Assistants and other international students who want to improve their oral presentation skills. Also covers teaching techniques and pronunciation.
Level: Advanced

HUM 505 Advanced Spoken English for International Graduate Students (3 credits)

Designed to improve English pronunciation; accent reduction.
Level: Advanced

HUM 507 Advanced Conversation and American Culture (3 credits)

Practice in conversation in English at an advanced level. The goal is to help students gain the cultural knowledge and speaking skills for complete participation in American life.
Level: Advanced

HUM 521 - Technical Written and Oral Communication (3 credits)

Develops skill in oral and written technical communication on a professional level. Three areas are emphasized:

  1. analyzing professional and technical communication situations
  2. achieving clear, effective oral and written communication
  3. developing awareness of variations in professional communication across cultures.

For some assignments, students will work on projects from courses in their own fields. The approach is practical; course format is that of a workshop. Non-native speakers of English can take this course. This is a graded course (A, B, C ...)

HUM 599 University teaching Methods and Communication Skills (3 credits)

The course in intended to provide ideas, strategies, and techniques that will help Teaching Assistants enhance their teaching assignments and improve their professional communications and interpersonal skills. This course is useful for TAs who are graders, tutors, laboratory assistants, recitation leaders, or classroom teachers.

NOTE: This is not an ESL course, but ESL students can enroll in it.