Undergraduate Courses

PART ONE: Undergraduate ESL Course Sequence

ENG 095 General Skills in English as a Second Language (5 additive credits)

Intended for students in need of extensive practice in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in English prior to enrolling in HUM 099S. Mandatory weekly tutorials are held in conjunction with the course work.

HUM 099S English Composition: Reading, Writing, Speaking I (6-0-6 additive credit)

The first course of the two-semester ESL sequence, HUM 099S-HUM100-SL. Intended for students for whom English is a second language. Focuses on the reading, writing and speaking skills necessary for success in a university curriculum, while strengthening English language proficiency. Emphasizes reading strategies, understanding main ideas, classifying ideas according to their importance, inferring meaning, vocabulary development, preparing written and oral summaries, developing a thesis, and other steps toward writing expository essays. Mandatory weekly tutorials are held in conjunction with the course work.

HUM 100-SL English Composition: Reading Writing, Speaking II (3-0-3)

Prerequisite Eng 099SL. The second course of the sequence, HUM 099S-HUM 100-SL. Continues the development of English language proficiency at a more advanced level, and focuses on essay writing strategies; clear expression; correct syntax; grammar and diction; basic organizational principles; researching ideas; documenting reference sources; reading longer, more complex material; determining flaws in an argument, and presenting group oral reports. Mandatory weekly tutorials are held in conjunction with the course work. The sequence HUM 099SL-HUM 100SL satisfies the English general undergraduate requirement (GUR).

PART TWO: ESL Sections of Courses Satisfying General Undergraduate Requirements (GUR)

You should know that there are ESL sections of some of the courses that satisfy General Undergraduate Course (GUR) requirements. These ESL sections are optional (not required); students are free to take a standard, non-ESL section.

ESL sections are there for students who want special attention to English language development in a GUR course. ESL sections are taught by ESL instructors.

You cannot take any of the courses below until you pass HUM 100SL (or have transfer credit for it.)

HUM 211-SL The Pre-Modern World (3-0-3)

Compares and contrasts world cultures prior to 1400. Case studies focus on differing forms of material culture, belief systems, aesthetic norms, and artistic productions to develop an understanding of ancient and medieval world views. This course satisfies three credits of the GUR in Cultural History.

HUM 212-SL The World and the West (3-0-3)

The central theme is changing global relations between 1400 and 1900. Uses case studies to examine such key processes as the expansion of global trade and the formation of a global economy. Examines European perceptions of non-Western cultures and the roots and legacy of imperialism. This course satisfies 3 credits of the Cultural History GUR. Uses case studies to provide an interdisciplinary view of the 20th-century world. Selected literary, philosophical, and artistic movements are discussed in the context of the major historical developments of the century. This course satisfies three credits of the GUR in Cultural History.

ENG 340-SL Oral Presentations (3-0-3)

Prerequisite: HUM 100 or HUM 100SL.Focuses on professional oral skills: communicating in the workplace, interviewing, participating effectively in meetings, audience analysis, and effective use of variety of visual aids. Other topic include language clarity, pronunciation, and use of presentation technology. Students deliver individual and group presentations with camcorders and CD's used for feedback.

ENG 352-SL Technical Writing (3-0-3)

An advanced writing course. Combines current theory with actual practice to prepare students as technical writers. Students analyze complex communication situations and design appropriate responses through tasks that involve problem solving, rhetorical theory, document design, oral presentations, writing teams, audience awareness, ethical considerations, and gender equity issues.

LIT 320-SL American Literature (3-0-3)

A survey of major works of American literature. Provides a foundation for understanding the currents of American thought and experiences. Special emphasis is paid to American literature within a global context.

LIT 350-SL Fiction (3-0-3)

Explores the short story and the novel from varied countries and eras. Emphasis is given to narrative methods, representative themes, and global perspectives.

STS 350-SL Computers and Society (3-0-3)

Examines the historical evolution of computer and information systems and explores their implications in the home, business, government, medicine, and education. Topics include automation and job impact, privacy and legal and ethical issues.