General Information for Undergraduate ESL Courses

ESL Program Course Sequence

Students start the ESL course sequence with either ENG 095 or ENG 099SL, depending on placement. The sequence is as follows: 095, then 099SL, then 100SL. Students in this sequence do not take any of the following courses: ENG 099, 100 or 101. (The letters "SL" indicates ESL.)


Weekly tutoring in small groups is part of al three courses. The main focus is practice in grammar. Course grammar tests are based on grammar covered in tutoring sessions. The tutoring period lasts eight or nine weeks.

You must attend tutoring every week. The grammar examinations in the course are based on the tutoring. Not coming to tutoring will negatively affect your course grade. The tutoring schedule will be shortly announced, with a wide choice of tutoring hours.

Special Events

There are several times each semester when all sections of ENG 095 and ENG 099sl meet together during a class period.


Attendance is required at NJIT in freshmen level courses (including 095, 099sl, 100sl). Absences from class without a medical excuse or an emergency will negatively affect your course grade. You will not be able to make up an exam or in-class essay that took place during your absence, without a medical or other serious excuse.

Course Portfolio

Submission of a course portfolio is a requirement for all courses in the Humanities and Social Science (HSS) Department. ( The ESL Program is part of the HSS Department.) At the end of the semester, you must hand in a portfolio of all work you have done in the course: homework and in-class essays (first drafts and revisions); quizzes and exams (grammar, vocabulary, reading), grammar homework, etc. Use the official portfolio binder, available in the bookstore for one dollar.

Essay Exit Exam

In order to pass 095sl, 099sl or 100sl, and go on to the next course, you must pass the ESL essay exit exam, which is given in class at the end of the semester and is read by several ESL instructors. The purpose of the exam is to make sure your writing is at or above the minimum passing level for the course. There will be practice with this sort of essay several times during the semester.

Final Examinations

There is no final examination in these courses during the final examination period. The final grade is based primarily on the quality of writing assignments, not on examinations. However, performance in oral presentations and on quizzes and exams throughout the semester in grammar, vocabulary, and reading are also factors in the grade.

Grade Point Average ( GPA)

The course grades for ENG 095, ENG 099sl, and ENG 100sl all enter in the calculation of a student's GPA. However, at graduation, when the final GPA is calculated, only the course grade for ENG 100sl enters into the calculation.