NJIT ITA Training Program

Like other universities in the United States and Canada, NJIT provides training for international teaching assistants in teaching methods and in English communication in teaching situations. These situations may include being an instructor in a course, a laboratory or recitation section leader, a tutor, or a grader. This training is intended to help international teaching assistants succeed in carrying out the duties and responsibilities associated with their award. In addition to TAs, GAs and RAs are included in this program since they also require a high level of English communication skills.

All international students entering NJIT with a TA, GA, or RA are required to participate in the 5-day NJIT Teaching and Communication Skills Workshop held in August.

In the workshop, students will make a series of oral presentations. Students whose English oral presentation skills are evaluated as fully adequate for teaching situations in English will be required to enroll in ENG 599, University Teaching Methods and Communication Skills, in the fall semester. Students evaluated as needing additional training in use of spoken English in teaching situations will be required, depending on the evaluation, to enroll in ENG 503, Spoken English for International Teaching Assistants, or ENG 505, Advanced Spoken English for International Students, (focusing on pronunciation) in the fall semester, or both courses (one in fall, one in spring). After passing the required course(s), these students will take ENG 599 in the following semester.

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