BA/BS in Communication and Media

NJIT’s Communication and Media program provides a uniquely liberal  arts education within a technological environment, the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills that will position graduates to work in a variety of fields crucial to the twenty-first century global economy. With its five specializations and variety of concentrations, the program serves as the basis for a number of professions or graduate school. The ability to communicate and be creative will continue to be highly prized in our society. Communication in an assortment of roles is a greatly rewarding and necessary activity in society.

Core Courses in Communication and Media

• COM 303: Video Narrative
• ENG 302: Communication Theory
• ENG 333: Cybertext
• ENG 339: Practical Journalism
• ENG 340: Oral Presentations
• ENG 353: Composing Documents for Print
• ENG 354: Composing Documents for the Web
• ENG 490: Co-op Work Experience I
• ENG 491: Co-op Work Experience II
• ENG 496: Senior Project
• HIST 345:  Communication through the Ages
• STS 349: Advanced Music Technology

The Communication and Media program’s Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) stresses the humanistic; the Bachelor of Science degree (BS) stresses the technological.  The program entails study in one of five disciplinary areas:

  • Literature, with an option in primary- or secondary-school Teacher Certification.
  • Media Arts, with possible concentrations in Web Design, Television, Film and Video, Fine Arts, Graphic Arts and Design, and Media Studies.
  • Professional and Technical Communication, with an option in Journalism.
  • Theatre Arts, with opportunities to study and practice drama and performance.
  • Digital Expression, with a focus on producing independent creative work in electronic media.

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