Electronic Creative Writing

The Electronic Creative Writing (ECW) minor will cultivates a student’s capacity to apply multimedia techniques in the process of creative expression based in verbal forms.  Personal, imaginative forms of communication are becoming increasingly valued in the arts, education, and humanities. Contrary to conventional utilitarian understandings of technology as a cultural tool best considered separate from, perhaps even antithetical, to all creative, artistically inspired activity, advances in digital media and network systems demonstrate a growing interdependence between technical knowledge, software design and cultural production. In fact, as a Humanities-based discipline, ECW presents an extremely valuable, fresh methodological approach to technology, de-emphasizing traditional industry-oriented learning modules for a more intuitive, intellectually flexible and dynamic interpretation of technique and tool development.

The minor in ECW consists of 15 credits (5 courses), and is intended for students interested in producing creative expression using contemporary communications techniques. Completing the minor will fortify a student’s proficient in several media forms (Web, Video, Sound), and engage them in versatile forms of authorship.

The minor is particularly desirable for students interested pursuing a Masters or Master of Fine Arts degrees in the fields of digital art, design, or writing, where knowing a range of artistic skills and having hands-on experience with them will beneficial.

Courses taken for the PC minor degree may be applied to the major in  Communication leading to either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree.