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Doris Fleischer

Fleischer, Doris Z.
Special University Lecturer, Humanities
313 Cullimore
About Me  Education
  • Brooklyn College, B.A., 1958.
  • New York University, M.A., 1961.
  • New York University, Ph.D., 1979.
Research Interests Disability Studies, including such topics as History of the Disability Rights Movement, Disability-related Legislation, Accessible Transportation, De-Institutionalization and Indepedent Living, Education, Housing, Employment, and Health Care for People with Disabilities, Disability and Technology, Physician-assisted suicide, Disabled veterans, Disability Identity and Culture, Language Acquisition, Nexus between Literature and Critical Thinking, Global Perspectives on Literature, Intersection of Literature and Society, Analysis of Literary Works, Assessment of Literary Figures, Interconnection between Science, Technology, and Society.