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Theresa Hunt

Hunt, Theresa A.
University Lecturer, HSS
415 CULM, Campus Center 288
About Me Since 1999, Theresa Hunt has been teaching writing, literature and social sciences in Newark. Her career has included teaching English at Malcolm X Shabazz high school, Developmental Writing and ESL at Essex County College, Women’s and Gender studies at Rutgers-Newark, and Humanities at New Jersey Institute of Technology.
Theresa’s interests in gender studies and the sociology of technology have informed her work on several projects at NJIT: as program coordinator for the National Science Foundation-funded ADVANCE program, Theresa’s work addresses gender schema bias and helps to promote opportunities for women in science and engineering. As a co-author and facilitator for the Women Engineers in Advanced Academic Positions (WEAAP) project, also funded by NSF, Theresa hopes to promote the recruitment, retention and promotion of women in engineering across sectors.
Theresa is currently studying Global Affairs at Rutgers University, and frequently travels to Africa and South America to research non-governmental and civil society organizations making innovative use of technology to advance women’s rights. She makes plenty of time for beach stops along the way.
  • BA English and Education, Rutgers Univeristy
  • MA English, Rutgers University
Research Interests
  • Global change and governance
  • Social artistic and literary movements
  • International Human Rights
  • Gender and feminist theory
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