The GUR Senior Seminar Requirement

Students are required to take a senior seminar (designated HSS 40X) to satisfy their upper division General University Requirements (GUR) in Humanities and Social Sciences. Honors College students may choose an HSS 491 offering. 

Prerequisites: In fulfillment of the upper division Humanities General University Requirements, students must take a 300- or 400-level Literature/ History/ Philosophy/ Science, Technology, and Society course and an Open Elective (open) course in English, Theatre, or a second Literature/ History/ Philosophy/ Science, Technology, and Society course, also at the 300- or 400-level. To enroll for the capstone seminar, you must have completed all lower division GURs (nine credits of English Composition and Cultural History) as well as the two 300-level courses described above.  Because of limited availability, senior seminars are currently restricted to students with senior status. The cumulative earned hours on your transcript must be 90 or greater..

Exception: Students who enrolled prior to Fall 1997 may still take a senior seminar course, properly chosen with an academic advisor, to satisfy either the Lit/Hist/Phil requirement, or the HUM/SS/STS requirement, as needed.

Questions: For questions about HSS 403, 405, 406, 407, 408 and 409 courses, contact Professor Burt Kimmelman or Dr. Pr Dennis Donahue.  For questions about HSS 404 courses, contact Maureen O'Rourke.