Professional Communications Minor

Professional Communications (PC) enhances the capacity to think critically and communicate effectively.  Communication is becoming increasingly important in the global workplace.

The minor in PC consists of 15 credits (5 courses).  It is particularly desirable for students interested in a career involving frequent contacts with colleagues, with customers, with internet communications especially. All prospective employers will see it as a great asset.

Courses taken for the PC minor degree may be applied to the major in  Communication leading to either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree.

For more information, contact Dr. Christopher Funkhouser or send email to .

The plan of the minor is as follows.

Part A: choose three courses (9 credits)

  • Eng 200 Communicating in Organizations
  • Eng 339 Practical Journalism
  • Eng 340 Oral Presentations
  • Eng 352 Technical Writing
  • Eng 353 Electronic Publishing
  • Eng 360 Community and Global Collaboration
  • STS 304 Writing in Science, Technology and Society
  • Hum 401 Independent Study
  • Hum 402 Independent Study

Or appropriate Communications courses at Rutgers-Newark.

Part B: two upper division history, literature or philosophy or STS electives (6 credits), such as:

  • STS 316 Mass Communications, Technology, and Culture
  • STS 344 Communications Policy
  • Hist 345 Communication through the Ages
  • Lit 365 Non-Fiction
  • Phil 380 Philosophy of Language

Or other upper-division humanities electives approved by faculty coordinator.

All courses are worth three credits. Many courses may apply toward both the General Undergraduate Requirements and the Professional Communications minor.

Besides the  Bachelor's degree in Communication, ultimately the PC minor can lead to a Master's degree in this same discipline.